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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

News in Cloudo

Dear reader,
Since last time we have been attended to some minor bug fixes as well as developed the system further. Among others, we have added a new tool located in your settings folder; Taskbar and Start Menu. With this tool, you can manage applications in your start menu, quick launch as well as behavior of your Cloudo account. You can access this tool by either opening your settings folder with Finder or just right-click your taskbar.

This tool exposes a three tabbed view, in which you can toggle behaviors and manage application list exposed by quick launch and start menu. Notice that as action you can type in any arbitrary CLI command. You can edit all shortcuts in the list by double-clicking on any item. Clicking the icon on an item will engage the Icon Palette, in which you can select among 99 icons.

We have also been working with Image Viewer; where it’s now possible to tag people or items in images you have uploaded. The usage is pretty straightforward; just click the "Tag People" tool in the toolbar. If the tagging mode is turned on, the mouse appearance is altered to crosshair whenever your image is hovered. On the image, you can click and drag to draw a box. Below your box you can type a name (assuming you are tagging a person) and Image Viewer will save that tag as a metadata connected to that specific image.

To the right of the toolbar of Image Viewer, there is an input field. Typing here a name and hitting search will convey in a search among your images. The Image Viewer will display only images attached with that metadata. Hence allowing you to easily search and locate your images, regardless how you have organized in Cloudo filesystem.

Though, even though Image Viewer works properly, we have noticed that there are a couple of bugs left. We will attend to these as soon as possible and expect them to be terminated in the nearest future.

Addendum; it is now possible to drag and drop applications from your applications folder in Finder on to your Cloudo desktop.

Hakan Bilgin
Chief System Architect, Cloudo


Anonymous said...

Everything looks good. I like the clean dark design of the windows. There is one big minus... it is not working under opera! One of the top three browsers in the world.
Ther are several countries, in which it is more popular then Firefox.

Mike said...

This is great, now where can I find out how much storage you are offering?