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Friday, January 16, 2009

Slow system performance

Right now we are experiencing slow system performance due to many simultaneous signups. Please bare with us.

Have a nice weekend.

Cloudo Staff

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cloudo Public Beta Released

For a limited time you can sign up for the Cloudo Beta

Shortly before Christmas, for a limited period of time, we opened up Cloudo for public beta access; meaning everybody can register an account at

Of course this does not mean that Cloudo is bug free, on the contrary. There are still much left to do but it is our opinion that we now are at a stage where we feel it’s time expose what done so far and also start initiating collaborations on a wide scale with everybody interested…And the interest has been very high. For that I want to thank everybody.

Meanwhile, when exploring Cloudo at its current state as well as future, I would like to ask you to write a line or two about bugs and problems you are experiencing and we will do our best to attend them with our best efforts. For this purpose, please use "Bulletin Board" application located in your applications folder. After all, these types of solutions are an ongoing process and we welcome an Open Source community approach.

Thank you in advance,
Hakan Bilgin
Chief System Architect, Cloudo