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Friday, January 16, 2009

Slow system performance

Right now we are experiencing slow system performance due to many simultaneous signups. Please bare with us.

Have a nice weekend.

Cloudo Staff


JohnW said...

Wow. Yall got lots and lots of problems.

SnoZ said...

I believe you should really consider email in account creation (to reset password, etc.) and smaller usernames :|

Besides that, I'm gonna give your system a test, but for what I've seen and read, looks very awesome. I currently use eyeOS.

maremoto said...

hi guys,

love the gui

I am an entrepreneur and was wondering if commercial apps compatible with your platform existed. I want to offer this webtop to consumers but also make sure that we have as many revenue streams on the webtop to make this commercially viable ( at least for retail consumers).

My email is zak.nick (at)

Duniyadnd said...

I wanted to submit bugs, and I asked where that would need to be submitted to info at cloudo and I haven't heard back. I've found a of security issue as well as a few minor bugs which I would like to report, if I don't hear back from info at cloudo, I assume that no one is checking that account to begin with.

Please let me know.

Thank you

virus_erik said...

Nope, actually I'm usin Cloudo right now and everything seems right and working, the only thing I can see wrong is the inability of putingt back onto your (personal, not online) computer what you uploaded unto Cloudo...