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Monday, March 16, 2009

Help wanted

Dear reader,
After opening up Cloudo for public beta, we have gotten wonderful critiques. We have received thousands of mails with suggestions for improvements, collaborations and many have offered to help in any way they can. This is very encouraging and we are surprised by the positive feelings many have, despite the fact Cloudo is far from launch-ready.

Additionally, many have wondered why the development isn’t proceeding in a faster pace. This might not be as obvious but Cloudo is privately financed company. Subsequently, some of us undertake non-Cloudo projects in order to secure decorous living as well as building up a system according to our visions. Please do not interpret this as Cloudo being a hobby project, because it is not.

We do agree the development could go in a faster pace. To gear up, we would like utilize the help from volunteers who are interested in contributing to Cloudo’s evolvement. Hence our two top priorities, at the moment, are:

  1. Complete the documentation for developers who want to write applications in Cloudo.
  2. Extend and evolve the development tool, so that it becomes a comfortable apparatus when developing in Cloudo.

We are currently working with both of these tasks but if any of you are interested in helping out with authoring the documentations, drop me an e-mail at . If you are interested, please introduce yourselves briefly, since I want to establish healthy and long-term alliances.

Hakan Bilgin
Chief System Architect, Cloudo