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Friday, March 28, 2008

Q&A’s – General Declaration

Up till now, we have received great feedback from both people who have had access as well as those yet haven’t entered our system. In addition to the feedback there have been lots of questions and wonderings, many of which touch the same subjects. I would like to take a moment and address some of them as well as declare what kind of development path we are following...and most importantly why.

One recurring subject has been whether we’ll expose a downloadable version of Cloudo. Currently, we don’t have such plans but we are discussing of selling and distributing preinstalled Cloudo-servers. This is because we do recognize the needs and requirements from organizations hosting their own sensitive data, within their own firewalls. Of course, such strategically step requires careful technical planning of a redundant topological layout; such servers will subscribe to software enhancements provided by the development community. In return, the revenues from such commerce will be shared fairly among contributors. Yet another aspect is of course the need to foresee potential marketing pitfalls and these considerations needs to be made in collaboration with qualified professionals. Regardless of path, we will keep our focus on our adjacent primary goal; deploy a quality assured platform.

Thus far the selection of applications in Cloudo has been keenly remarked in various articles; why there isn’t any word-processing or spreadsheet application, etc. Such applications aren’t exactly space science and there are countless of them on the web. The reason to why we develop certain applications before others is because, along with the applications, we are developing the platform and filesystem with belonging security as well as community features. Once we consider a type of application with belonging API is refined, we test and quality assures it a while, get back to the technical bricks it is made of; re-test and refine it, if necessary.

As I see it, there are at least four types of applications in our platform;

  1. Wear and tear applications; no or small footprints on users account. For instance simple widgets and games (user vs computer).
  2. Load and Save applications; applications that loads and saves files to the filesystem. For instance, Textpad and Development Tool
  3. Continuously connected applications; such applications continuously exchange data with the server. For instance Calendar and Mail client
  4. Open file- applications; such applications are also continuously exchanging data with the server, but they subscribe to a special type of file; open file. Such file type will be utilized by IM-applications, chat rooms, multiplayer games, trivial solutions as high score tables for games as well as transactional procedures. My opinion is that this filetype will be useful in numerous innovational applications.

Currently, we are working on the third type of applications; continuously connected applications along with community features, since these solutions go hand in hand.

We sincerely thank you all for all the feedback and most importantly; your patience.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Goals and objectives

Our aim with Cloudo is to offer a complete set of tools required by the common user and facilitate for her to perform her daily duties. We understand the gravity of this statement and we sure don’t underestimate the magnitude of the impediments ahead of us. We pose a humble but firm stance in front of this task.

Our course of action is to, when required, start the development process of whatever application that is needed but our intention is to hand over the application, its source code and the development process to you. We don’t want to own the application; we want you to own it.

Consequently, you will decide whether your application will be offered for the user for free or whether it should require start/recurring fees or just simply; be a service financed by ads exposed in your application. Regardless of choice, we will enable patterns so that developers receive the fruits of their labor and hopefully encourage them to further develop and refine their applications in a sensible and responsible fashion.

This is the reason to why we are exposing the source codes of several applications in Cloudo. As many of the invited users already experienced, the application definition framework is rather straightforward and logical. Currently the development tool is rather simple but there are functionalities in the pipeline and our objective is to create an inspiring and creative environment as well as, make you feel at home.

Yes, our intention is to mimic functionality existing in popular development environments.

No, it is not impossible. There are already innovational web based solutions out there. We merely will create streamlined versions of everything…together with you.