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Monday, March 3, 2008

Goals and objectives

Our aim with Cloudo is to offer a complete set of tools required by the common user and facilitate for her to perform her daily duties. We understand the gravity of this statement and we sure don’t underestimate the magnitude of the impediments ahead of us. We pose a humble but firm stance in front of this task.

Our course of action is to, when required, start the development process of whatever application that is needed but our intention is to hand over the application, its source code and the development process to you. We don’t want to own the application; we want you to own it.

Consequently, you will decide whether your application will be offered for the user for free or whether it should require start/recurring fees or just simply; be a service financed by ads exposed in your application. Regardless of choice, we will enable patterns so that developers receive the fruits of their labor and hopefully encourage them to further develop and refine their applications in a sensible and responsible fashion.

This is the reason to why we are exposing the source codes of several applications in Cloudo. As many of the invited users already experienced, the application definition framework is rather straightforward and logical. Currently the development tool is rather simple but there are functionalities in the pipeline and our objective is to create an inspiring and creative environment as well as, make you feel at home.

Yes, our intention is to mimic functionality existing in popular development environments.

No, it is not impossible. There are already innovational web based solutions out there. We merely will create streamlined versions of everything…together with you.


Alexandre said...

My question is quite simple and I am sure you will have it a lot of time.

I manage a research team with confidential data and do not want to have Cloudo hosted on your server but on mine.

Do you plan to propose a downloadable and installable version of cloudo ?


DCWare Administrator said...

I doubt it... it's not completely open source. But it'll be good anyway. In fact, I really doubt it.

evrim said...

Hi Mr. Bilgin,

We'r developing an open source continuation based web server in common-lisp and looking for investors.

I thought you may be interested in the code base.

Kind regards,
evrim _at_