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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cloudo RedOrbit Site Of The Day

Today we are featured as one of our favorite technology sites, Red Orbit's site of the day. If you haven't already, check them out.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Let's dance

Hello developer,
The other day, we sent out press releases in Sweden and USA, proclaiming the launch of our platform Cloudo. Additionally we have created accounts and invited developers and other handpicked users to take a look at the system. At this stage of our launch, we are targeting developers and I have initiated IM-sessions with several of the invited developers and the pattern is clear; there is an initial skepticism and slight resistance but after discovering features and advantages, some overcame their initial thoughts and the rest even became euphoric.

But what are the benefits for the common developer?

Developing a moderate solution for the web usually requires several technologies: clientside-, serverside-programming as well as database-knowledge. Commonly, these technologies each require its experienced programmer to put the correct and logical piece in place and achieve a well-working solution. Of course, the solution often requires updates and modifications and that in turn results for even more areas in which misinterpretations and errors can occur, because these modifications requires, in worst case scenario, that all of the programmers mentioned earlier are involved.

With Cloudo, we aim to simplify this process by eliminating some steps and integrate others into our platform, so that the developer only needs to work with a single file which is much easier to overview and extend. Notice that the platform will enable same type of functionality as the previous example. The difference will be that it will be faster and with several default graphical user interfaces. Interface and technology are separated so that technically oriented people can focus exclusively on technology and graphical artists can focus solely on interface related enhancements.

Most importantly, as developer you will not need to worry about whether Cloudo is running in Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. The support of several browsers is important to us and we will deal with that issue and it will be transparent for you as a developer.

Metaphorically speaking; on our dance floor, we will do our best efforts to accommodate your demands and to enable you to put up the show you want, whether your need is change of music or scenery. We want to adapt and dance to whatever you want and facilitate as much as possible for you in your quest.
We will not limit you unlike other environments; only play same old boring and outdated disco music all the time.

Let’s dance…

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cloudo Opens For Developers

We just sent out this press release:


Cloudo – the World’s Fastest and Easiest To Use Online Computer Opens For Developers
– Swedish Startup Invites Developers Around the World To Alpha Program

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – February 19th – Today, after three years of development, Swedish Startup Cloudo begins to invite developers to a private development alpha for their soon-to-be-released Internet Operating System, starting with it’s 20 000 pre signup developer base.

Cloudo, which was previously developed under the name Xindesk, is in essence a virtual computer that runs right in the web browser, enabling users to access their data from any computer, cell phone or other device connected to the Internet.

“The computers we use today are based on a set of ideas and concepts that were developed in the late 70’s, they haven’t evolved to meet the demands of today’s mobile lifestyle and the possibilities the Internet offers”, says Ted Persson, co-founder of the Cloudo Company. “Among 20 year-olds more than 95% of the time by the computer is spent online. Cloudo is the natural next step, taking the full desktop online”.

With built in social networking functionality, Cloudo makes it far more easy to collaborate, enabling you to share documents and folders, calendars or even workspaces among groups of friends or colleagues.

Cloudo features all the basic applications needed, but also has a sophisticated development environment making it possible for third party developers to develop applications with a few keystrokes.

“There are many benefits of developing for Cloudo. With it’s social networking capabilities built in, it’s easy to reach a broad base of users with your applications. It is far easier and faster to put together applications for Cloudo than developing traditional desktop or web applications.” says Hakan Bilgin, system architect of Cloudo.

The development program is set up as a revenue sharing program, making it profitable for developers to continually enhance the Cloudo environment by developing applications.

To head up the development of Cloudo the company just appointed Linda Norrstrand, with a background in man- agement consulting and strategic communication, as it’s new CEO.

Cloudo is a free, advertising based service and is available for selected developers starting today. Sign up at

For more information, please contact:
Ted Persson, co-founder
Phone: +46 (0) 709 922 632

The Cloudo Company was founded in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden by Hakan Bilgin, Fredric Gunnarson, Ted Persson and Ola Persson backed up by the investment company GW Group. The company is privately held and has it’s head office in Stockholm, Sweden. The Cloudo Company’s CEO is Linda Norrstrand. Cloudo was formerly developed under the name Xindesk, and has a sister service called

Get this press release in PDF version here.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Say Hello to Our New Site

Today is a big day. We just launched our new site and after more than three years of work we are happy to invite the first developers into our Internet Operating System. On this site that went live a few minutes ago you can sign up for our private alpha program. Since we don't have a permanent hosting solution yet we start by inviting the ones who already signed up, mainly through the site.

During the spring we will invite more and more developers into the system on a first come, first served basis. So sign up already today.

And again, welcome.

Xindesk + Challenger = Cloudo

Today the services formerly developed under the names of Xindesk and Challenger became one. Our new name is Cloudo and our aim is to develop the next generation of computer, fully evolved to meet the demands of today’s mobile lifestyle and the possibilities the Internet offers.

Cloudo makes it easy to access your data, from any device connected to the Internet.

With built in social networking functionality, Cloudo makes it far more easy to collaborate, enabling you to share documents and folders, calendars or even workspaces among groups of friends or colleagues.

To know more, please watch the movie found on the start page of