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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cloudo Opens For Developers

We just sent out this press release:


Cloudo – the World’s Fastest and Easiest To Use Online Computer Opens For Developers
– Swedish Startup Invites Developers Around the World To Alpha Program

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – February 19th – Today, after three years of development, Swedish Startup Cloudo begins to invite developers to a private development alpha for their soon-to-be-released Internet Operating System, starting with it’s 20 000 pre signup developer base.

Cloudo, which was previously developed under the name Xindesk, is in essence a virtual computer that runs right in the web browser, enabling users to access their data from any computer, cell phone or other device connected to the Internet.

“The computers we use today are based on a set of ideas and concepts that were developed in the late 70’s, they haven’t evolved to meet the demands of today’s mobile lifestyle and the possibilities the Internet offers”, says Ted Persson, co-founder of the Cloudo Company. “Among 20 year-olds more than 95% of the time by the computer is spent online. Cloudo is the natural next step, taking the full desktop online”.

With built in social networking functionality, Cloudo makes it far more easy to collaborate, enabling you to share documents and folders, calendars or even workspaces among groups of friends or colleagues.

Cloudo features all the basic applications needed, but also has a sophisticated development environment making it possible for third party developers to develop applications with a few keystrokes.

“There are many benefits of developing for Cloudo. With it’s social networking capabilities built in, it’s easy to reach a broad base of users with your applications. It is far easier and faster to put together applications for Cloudo than developing traditional desktop or web applications.” says Hakan Bilgin, system architect of Cloudo.

The development program is set up as a revenue sharing program, making it profitable for developers to continually enhance the Cloudo environment by developing applications.

To head up the development of Cloudo the company just appointed Linda Norrstrand, with a background in man- agement consulting and strategic communication, as it’s new CEO.

Cloudo is a free, advertising based service and is available for selected developers starting today. Sign up at

For more information, please contact:
Ted Persson, co-founder
Phone: +46 (0) 709 922 632

The Cloudo Company was founded in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden by Hakan Bilgin, Fredric Gunnarson, Ted Persson and Ola Persson backed up by the investment company GW Group. The company is privately held and has it’s head office in Stockholm, Sweden. The Cloudo Company’s CEO is Linda Norrstrand. Cloudo was formerly developed under the name Xindesk, and has a sister service called

Get this press release in PDF version here.


Nitro Fan said...

Hej Cloudo
virtual PC's are something I have been advocating for a long time to anyone who will listen!

I am not a developer, but I have designed Internet based recruitment process control applications in the past.

God lycka

Geoff Myers

Max said...

"Cloudo is the natural next step, taking the full desktop online".

If that's your ambition, you'll need a better language than Javascript. Javascript is great but actually it's a scripting language! The idea to put a desktop online is great (and old) but you can't catch that with Javascript. It's just made for webbrowser. A webbrowser needs an os, and an os includes a desktop.

Nobody needs two full working desktops.

I would make a small client based on C which getting the informations of the personal desktop.
Only this makes displacing microsoft possible.

Great work, it's useful but not the future desktop!

so long!

Martijn said...

Max, you obviously don't understand the concept of an online desktop.

This is definately the future, whether you use Javascript or Flash. For most of the people I know, the only piece of software they use on their computer is a browser. Statistics at show the same.

Other applications like Word are easily converted to a browser app as well (google docs, zoho).

Developers are tired of writing applications for operating systems and then rewriting them when a new version of that OS comes out.

Nitro Fan said...

Max Wow! what on earth are you doing on a site devoted to on-line desktops whene you seem not to be very keen on the whole concept?

As for the idea having been around a while? The car has been around since the 1894 but that has not stopped people constantly developing & improving the concept.

On the development tools used, I am sure if you were more serious and less agressive in your approach you would get a more interested audience.

In my experience, in any development team you will always find one person who would do the thing "completely differently" and they are generally misguided.

I certainly look forward to seeing your "conceptual" 'C' based desktop, and how it stacks up against the product these guys have actually built.

Virtual development is like talk, cheap!
Real development takes money, hard work, vision and the courage to put your neck on the line.

Good luck Cloudo I hope to be one of your first public users.

Max said...

Martijn, you obviously don't understand what I wanted to say. The meaning of my posting is that Javascript is too low for something like that.

I can't imagine that Javascript gives you the possibility to reach the functional range of a real desktop like Gnome or even Windows.

Another point is that Javascript is slow particularly in Firefox. For example: or You can't move a widget without bucking.

HOW cloudo will work?

And nitro_fan I definitely did NOT say that I don't like the project. Looks very good and I hold people doing this with javascript in high esteem!

If I'm wrong, disabuse me!

Mikael Bergkvist, XIN said...

"since the 1894"?
Whooaa..I need to get back to school because that's news to me.. :-)

Nitro Fan said...

Karl Benz Velo of 1894 was the first mass produced "motorcar" over 100 produced. There were vehicles before this date but this is generally accepted as the worlds first real car.

Linux said...

Errr... when are you giving out the invites? Mine hasn't come yet.