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Monday, June 2, 2008

Progress Report

Summer has come to Stockholm, but we let our friends handle the beer drinking in the sun, so we can stay in the office developing our system.

Since we invited the first few developers a few months back we have had an enormous amount of progress –  every week we open the doors to more developers. If you are on the list but haven’t yet been invited, please bare with us.

Some more words on what we’ve been up to – except for polishing the UI and developing the file upload and download features we are good on way in developing the best mail application ever seen in a browser.

Stay tuned. And drink some beer in the sun for us, we don’t have time.

The Cloudo Team


Etienne said...

I'm very interrested in your project, I've signed up for 6 monthes, but didn't get any invit...Please invit me, or just show me what Cloudo loook like now, please...^^

Cristian P. said...

I'm interested in the project and now has gone a long time since I made the registration......I sent an email but have not received even a reply...I also wonder how etienne to be invited to try this user name is: cri900....
Cristian (

Ecclesiastes said...

I've signed up as a developer. Evidently, I have an account, for I can't use my e-mail address to sigh up now.

How do I log in?

Alexandre said...

im also very interested but i didnt get my dev email @ and my username is theo1998